Company Summary

Strategic Control Sciences Inc. (SCSI) is a leader in artificial intelligence, data science, analytics, and cybersecurity. We have helped many businesses find innovative solutions to complex problems requiring judgment and determination, ultimately leading to an optimum sequence of actions within constraints.

Exponential leaps have always resulted from asking “Why not?” when others are stopping at, “We’ve always done it this way” or “That’s what the requirement says!” Client needs are ever-changing, and finding the best solution takes creativity and iterative releases. Following years-old, stale requirements is frustrating and a waste of time. Clients always have more real needs than the resources to achieve them – and the priorities are constantly shifting. Making the wrong decision in the wrong order wastes time and negatively impacts businesses. Data science requires lots of data but knowing the quality of that data is crucial. It must be the “best available” data, and its provenance must be explainable. Automated decision-making also must answer “why?”

Decisional systems analyze vast volumes of structured, unstructured, questionable, and incomplete data. This data is largely subjective, elusive, and heavily influenced by politics, psychology, opinions, and inconsistencies. Machine Learning (ML) requires data cleansing, standardization, and normalization. The system must also handle “bad,” “questionable,” and inconsistent data. We use many tools, including artificial intelligence and relational maps, to cleanse the data and reduce model parameters to the greatest extent possible. These tools help us detect, infer, derive, and predict underlying information when data is imperfect or incomplete. And when all this falls short – and it will – we have pioneered technology to determine “trust” scores for the data. Decision-makers can set trust thresholds before making their best decisions. SCSI has a successful track record of automating decisional processes that are both optimal and explainable.

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