Technical Capabilities

Systems Engineering

  • INCOSE Certified Expert System Engineering Professional (ESEP)

Enterprise Architecture

  • Certified Enterprise Architect (FEAC, Zachman, DoDAF) 

Software Engineering

  • Agile, Continuous Innovation, Cloud systems; Languages include Python, AI/ML libraries, SQL, NoSQL, Graph DB, JavaScript, VBA, Others

Data Science

  • Leveraging code and data to build production models that generate predictions and explanations

Strategic Sciences

  • Strategic Creation, Strategic Planning, & Strategic Execution; PPBE, JCIDS

Performance Engineering

  • Lean Engineering, Six-Sigma, SQC/SPC, Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

  • Knowledge representation, machine learning, non-linear control, master data management, expert systems, compliance, predictive analytics, planning, scheduling, and optimization

Supply Chain Management

  • Production forecasting, planning, scheduling, sequencing (FPSS), product life-cycle; Worldwide Federal economic mapping; geoscience mining to refining

Cybersecurity Engineering

  • Cryptographic devices to provide edge to edge (E2E) encryption

Planning and Forecasting

  • Demand, strategic, business functional deployment, optimized alignment

Technical Research Areas

Strategic Control Sciences is always striving to improve it's capabilities and its offerings to clients.

Rapid Enablement of AI, AI Research

SCSI created a reusable, multi-platform, sustainable AI code library using Python open-source AI libraries. RIF is a federated architecture with a built-in customized methodology that rapidly enables AI applications. We are pioneering a master data ontology using data-mesh with secured micro-stores and a unified set of languages and technologies. Solutions are quickly created and easily supported by letting small and large teams leverage the same standards.

We also conduct research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, free-text shredding, information integration, semantic web, and applications in various informatics: general, policy, compliance, project management, engineering, chemistry, materials, geologic, and related areas.


SCSI collaborated with Los Alamos Labs on cyber security devices used to form a decentralized network mesh. These devices incorporate a cryptographically enforced, role-based access control capability using dynamic keys for edge-to-edge, multi-key, symmetric, multi-layered encryption across any network fabric. These capabilities provide insight into cybersecurity, cyber resilience, cyber-physical systems, and cyber intelligence.

Sixth-Generation Decision Making (6GDM)

Rapid decision-making is often called for but seldom delivered – especially in large organizations where change can take years. Strategic planning and execution are stagnant or declining art forms. With a focus on the future, they are overwhelmed by the volatility and chaotic nature of life and real-world events. We have released many production quality products proving various aspects of this. Today, we are shaping a sixth-generation decision-making system to automate the strategic decision-making process. It uses cross-discipline tools and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and advanced regulatory control technology similar to that used for the continuous control of chemical plants.

Materials GeoScience

The actual distribution, location, and conditions of chemical elements and compounds in the earth’s crust are poorly documented. In many cases, the elements are undetectable by on-site analyzers because of the inability of today’s best technology to detect extremely low levels of elements. Most reports are based on hearsay, or targeted analysis, which ignores all non-targeted compounds. Using multidimensional maps, data mesh methodology, and supply chain tracing, we will document original quantities of materials at levels far below 0.01%. Our database will trace records in processing back up through the supply chain to sourcing.

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